Seasons Change – Safety Doesn’t: EZ Steps for you!

October is a good time to check:

1)  Your Smoke/Fire Alarms in the home.  Are they placed properly in the event of smoke or fire?  Also do make sure your batteries are fresh and in working order.  BUT just to be safe we recommend you put new batteries in and test the alarms.

2)  Your Fire Extinguishers.  How old are they?  Are they fully charged?  What kind of Fire Extinguisher should I get?

May be an image of text that says 'WHICH FIRE EXTINGUISHER SHOULD I CHOOSE? For the home, select multi-purpose extinguisher that covers A-C below. For use with materials such as cloth, wood, or paper. A Ð C For use with combustible and flammable liquids such as grease, gasoline, oil, and oil-based paints. For use with electrical equipment like appliances, tools, orother equipment that is plugged in. D For use with flammable metals. Often found in factories. K For use with cooking oil- and fat-based fires. Often found in commercial kitchens. Source: U.S Fire Administration and the National Fire Protection Association GRINNELL MUTUAL.'

Courtesy of Grinnell Mutual Insurance (Represented by Blum-Leonard Insurance Agency)